Both of my high schoolers attended this, and it was great! I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they really enjoyed it. They loved the instructors, and they came out motivated to be and stay organized as they look towards college. It was particularly helpful that the instructors continued to follow up with the students in the weeks following the class!
— J. Joyce
My college-age child got assistance from Own It Chicago and it turned around her studies! Her grades have never been better! Their methods for teaching time management, organization, and study skills are unsurpassed! These are skills, not just for school, but for life!
— P. Golden
Great workshop that helped both of my middle school kids. One needed help with organizational skills, the other with study skills. The individual attention to each skill set left them both feeling confident. Highly recommend!
— J. Kelly


Learning styles

I learned how I can study better with my learning style.
Knowing my learning style will help me understand how to adapt to different teaching methods.

Goal Setting

I can set specific small-step goals that lead to major success in the future.
I learned to make future goals and how to achieve them.


I learned to have better time management.
I learned how to approach my homework in increments. So, I don’t get overwhelmed.

note taking

My biggest take away was a new note taking method that works well for me.
I feel more confident in taking notes and planning. I am more confident because I know to use more colors and strategies while taking notes.

Stress management

I learned a new breathing technique to help with my test anxiety.
I feel like this workshop helped me feel more relaxed and focused.